Dental Implant Clinic Saigon is licensed by the Department of Health

Specialized Dental Clinic for Maxillofacial Dentistry in Saigon.

License issued by the Department of Health: 05504/HCM-GPHĐ

Address: 470-472 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM / Sunday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone: (028) 6686 9386

Mobile: 0986 438 286


Phong kham nha khoa rang ham mat sai gon

Saigon Dental Implant Clinic boasts a team of proficient maxillofacial dentists.

Our dental clinic takes pride in being a treatment center with the presence of many skilled maxillofacial dentists in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bac si 2024

  • Doctor Cang Hong Thai – Implant Specialist
  • Doctor CKI Tran Thi My Nga – Over 15 years of experience in the field of Dentistry – Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Doctor Le Thi Hien – Over 12 years of experience
  • Doctor CKI Phan Hoang Minh Tu – Over 5 years of specialized treatment, cosmetic dental restoration.
  • Doctor Le Ngoc Quynh – Over 10 years of specialized treatment, cosmetic dental restoration.
  • Doctor Cao Thuy Y Tram – Over 4 years of specialized treatment, cosmetic dental restoration.

Saigon Dental Implant Clinic offers a variety of treatment services.

Main services at Saigon Dental Implant Clinic:

  • Dental Implantation
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Porcelain Dental Bridges
  • Removable Dentures
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Orthodontic Braces
  • Tooth Filling
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Dental Scaling

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Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Saigon Dental Implant Clinic


Saigon Dental Implant Clinic establishes a trustworthy brand for customers seeking dental implantation and specialized treatments for oral health issues in Ho Chi Minh City.

When people think of dental implantation, they immediately consider Saigon Dental Implant Clinic, known for services such as dental implantation, cosmetic porcelain dental implantation, restoration of missing teeth, and reconstructive jaw surgery.


Saigon Dental Implant Clinic is committed to providing the best dental implantation and oral health treatments to its customers. It pioneers in advanced dental implantation procedures, fostering a cooperative, sophisticated, and polite environment. The clinic creates employment opportunities and good incomes for many individuals.

Core Values

Customer Focus:

Customers are the focal point. Their satisfaction and treatment outcomes are paramount in policy-making and strategic planning. Attentiveness and empathy towards customers guide the entire system.

Doctors are Key to Sustainability:

The medical team continuously enhances their knowledge to elevate their expertise. They serve customers with passion, enthusiasm, and sincerity. Embracing a continuous learning philosophy, they update their methods to stay relevant in the market.

Dedicated Customer Care:

The customer care team is knowledgeable, offering the best service experiences to customers.

Robust Laboratory Support:

As a supplier, the laboratory (Labo) must consistently adopt new techniques, delivering quality products at optimized costs.

Social Responsibility:

The clinic, as a healthcare entity, contributes actively to improving the quality of life and societal development. Its purpose extends beyond profit, aiming to make a positive impact on society.

Innovation and Quality:

The core aspects of innovation involve skillful design, material selection, equipment enhancement, and process improvement. The focus is on meeting appropriate quality standards and delivering the best treatment outcomes to customers.

Flexibility and Efficiency:

The Management, Marketing, Treatment, and Labo systems are flexible, adapting to customer needs over time.

Operational Mechanisms

Customer Focus:

Fulfill customer needs and provide exceptional customer service. Build respect and rapport with customers by delivering quality dental implantation services and comprehensive oral health treatments.

Human Resources:

Foster a cohesive, harmonious, joyful, and cultured work environment. Each individual is respected and free to innovate, aiming for personal achievements acknowledged through their contributions to the work.


Operate all facilities with safety as the primary objective.

Service Quality Assurance:

Provide valuable dental services to customers, aligning with market demands.


Encourage creative freedom in work, offering comprehensive support for employees to maximize their professional abilities, achieving goals set by shareholders and leadership.

Community Commitment:

Strive to become one of the most robust dental companies, making significant positive contributions to society.