Doctor CKI Tran Thi My Nga

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Theo dõi Nha Khoa Trồng Răng Sài Gòn trên

Doctor Tran Thi My Nga has over 11 years of experience in the field of dentistry, specializing in orthodontics. With her meticulous and caring approach, along with a warm and soothing voice, Dr. Nga is highly regarded and sought after by many valued customers who look forward to her treatment.

Bac si nga

Dr. Tran Thi My Nga constantly updates her knowledge with the latest advancements in dentistry worldwide, applying them appropriately to meet the aesthetic needs of the Vietnamese people. This helps customers achieve the best orthodontic results and feel confident with their healthy and beautiful smiles.


  • Orthodontics
  • General Dentistry


Doctor of Dental Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Ho Chi Minh City


  • Orthodontic certification from the industry’s leading organization
  • Professional medical practice license issued by the Department of Health


  • Work professionally and wholeheartedly to enhance capabilities with each treatment case
  • Provide comprehensive, beautiful smiles for Vietnamese customers


Reading books and specialized documents in the field

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