Saigon Dental Implant offers up to a【-50%】discount on service fees

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Icon hot 1Saigon Dental Implant Clinic offers UP TO 50% DISCOUNT on all services. 50 slots available for early registrants to enjoy comprehensive benefits: free X-ray, examination, consultation with a 20-year experienced dental expert. GREAT OFFER – NO WORRY ABOUT PRICING! Register today!Icon hot 1

Teeth whitening promotion [-50%] service cost

Icon hot 1 The 50% COST REDUCTION program applies to the first 50 early registrants.

Icon hot 1It comprehensively addresses dental issues such as yellowing teeth, cavities, toothaches, dental restorations, orthodontic corrections, all at 50% of the original cost. Register early to receive the FULL PACKAGE DISCOUNT [-50%]. Icon hot 1

  • Icon mũi tênFREE dental examination and consultation with an expert in the field of Dentistry
  • Icon mũi tênGeneral tooth X-ray examination at NO COST

4.0 Technology Dental Service at 50% Discount

Icon mũi tênThe Saigon Dental Implant Clinic delivers cutting-edge technology and updates in the latest 4.0 digital techniques. Prominent features include:

  • Pain-free dental implant therapy, with immediate loading within a few weeks of implantation.
  • Digital orthodontic braces reducing treatment time significantly, with noticeable effectiveness in just 5 months.
  • Aesthetic porcelain tooth restorations crafted using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM 3D technology.

3D digital software for orthodontic adjustments, imaging, and porcelain restoration fabrication, ensuring rapid results. The precision of measurements, from porcelain tooth molds to removable dentures, meets super-accurate ISO standards, providing immediate effectiveness in the first treatment session.

Time-saving benefits, reducing travel, appointments, and treatment sessions, catering perfectly to busy clients, ultimately resolving time constraints effectively.

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Customers suffering from long-term tooth loss resulting in misaligned jaws, oral deformities, and speech impediments can opt for dental implantation to effectively address these issues.

Icon mũi tênThe cost of dental implantation falls into the premium price segment. Therefore, choosing to undergo implantation during the Dentistry 30% off promotion period significantly saves costs for customers.

Icon hot The implantation service is charged as a comprehensive package. Additionally, customers will receive FREE dental X-rays valued at 500,000 VND per X-ray. We also offer a FREE comprehensive oral care package worth up to 1,000,000 VND. Particularly, customers can enjoy discounts of up to nearly 10,000,000 VND per dental implant.

Cầu răng sứ trên implant
Cầu răng sứ trên implant

All implant pillars are directly imported, with clearly marked authentication labels. The implantation procedure is carried out meticulously in a closed-loop process, within a thoroughly sterilized treatment room, ensuring precise, gentle, minimally painful, and swift placement of the implant pillars.

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Teeth look even, brighter after just one porcelain tooth treatment. Completely conceal all imperfections such as yellowing, chipping, spacing, misalignment,…

Choose cosmetic porcelain teeth treatment with a 50% discount at Sai Gon Dental Implant Clinic. Customers can achieve a naturally beautiful smile at a very reasonable cost. They can actively choose from popular high-end porcelain teeth options available today, tailored to their preferences in tooth shape and color. All are sourced from clearly stated origins, ensuring safety, high aesthetics, and quality.

Bọc sứ răng cửa bị thưa
Bọc sứ răng cửa bị thưa



We offer a variety of removable dentures, from individual to full-mouth options. With discounts of up to 50%, customers who may not have the health or desire for dental implants can opt for this solution.

Removable denture implantation provides quick dental restoration in just 2 days. The design ensures a snug fit against the gums, allowing for comfortable chewing without slipping. They are easy to remove and insert, providing flexibility for users. Even elderly individuals can use them proficiently from the first try.

Trồng răng giá rẻ tháo lắp
Trồng răng giá rẻ tháo lắp

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Braces at a discounted rate of up to 50% off are a golden opportunity for young individuals seeking to align their teeth for a beautiful smile. With half-priced fees and installment plans available, getting braces has never been easier, starting from just 30,000 VND per day. Students, those in entry-level office positions, and individuals with average incomes should not miss out on this chance.

A variety of braces options are available, including premium metal braces, aesthetically pleasing ceramic braces, and clear aligners. The design of the braces is tailored to suit the age, occupation, and lifestyle of the customer.

Noticeable changes in tooth alignment can be achieved in as little as 5 months of wearing braces. Pre-treatment ensures permanent results.

Phương pháp niềng răng
Phương pháp niềng răng

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Not keen on getting porcelain veneers but still want to swiftly transform your yellowed teeth into a dazzling white? Opting for our 50% off teeth whitening offer is a savvy choice for you.

Experience the cutting-edge 4.0 teeth whitening technology with Zoom light at Sai Gon Dental Implant Clinic. The cold Led light accelerates the whitening process, enhancing the brightness of your teeth significantly, while being safe and not affecting the enamel. The results last longer compared to traditional whitening methods.

Chiếu đèn tẩy trắng răng
Chiếu đèn tẩy trắng răng

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Deep fillings, cosmetic fillings for chipped, cracked, or broken teeth are suitable choices for busy individuals. This is a smart economic decision when opting for dental fillings at only 50% of the original price. This solution provides quick effectiveness, requiring only 15 minutes to perform. The filling covers the flaws of deep cavities, supplements, and bonds the broken or chipped tooth, restoring its beauty like a natural tooth.

Trám răng cửa
Trám răng cửa

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Chăm sóc răng toàn diện với combo 3 trong 1: cạo vôi, thổi cát kẽ răng, đánh bóng răng tại Nha Khoa Trồng Răng Sài Gòn. Nhằm khuyến khích khách hàng quan tâm, xây dựng thói quen chăm sóc răng định kỳ, Nha khoa hỗ trợ lên đến 50% chi phí cạo vôi răng. Mọi người đều có thể tiếp cận với dịch vụ dễ dàng, sở hữu nụ cười khỏe xinh mà không cần tốn quá nhiều tiền thẩm mỹ cho răng.

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Hình ảnh trước và sau khi cạo vôi răng

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We provide deep root extraction and decayed teeth removal services when preservation treatment is not feasible. Our dental clinic offers a 50% discount on the cost for clients availing of this service. Clients undergo the procedure at a reasonable price, safeguarding the remaining teeth from potential damage.

Painless tooth extraction technology is employed, utilizing high-quality anesthesia. The extraction of deep-rooted, decayed, and wisdom teeth is swift, gentle, minimally invasive, with less pain, swelling, and rapid healing. Our dental clinic also provides guidance on post-extraction care, hygiene, and dietary regimen.

Hình ảnh nhổ răng khôn mọc ngầm
Hình ảnh nhổ răng khôn mọc ngầm


Double Savings – Exponentially Beautiful Teeth

Dental services mostly fall into the mid-range to high-end price segments. Opting for dental procedures during the Saigon Dental Implant Clinic’s 50% off promotion will maximize savings with attractive all-inclusive package fees.

Upon enrolling in the program, customers receive accompanying promotional packages. After availing the service, customers receive an additional 5-10% discount when utilizing other services at the dental clinic.

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Dental Procedures at a Discount [-50%], Yet Uncompromised Quality

Icon mũi tênCustomers availing the discounted dental services still experience premium dental care. This includes:

  • Treatment on smart dental chair systems from the Japanese brand OSADA
  • X-ray imaging using imported film imaging systems from South Korea
Chup x quang
Chụp x quang
  • Ultra high-frequency surgical device
  • Piezotome bone cutting machine imported from South Korea
Nha khoa trồng răng sài gòn
Cơ sở vật chất tại nha khoa trồng răng sài gòn

Icon mũi tênA dedicated team of dental specialists provides meticulous care and treatment in the field of maxillofacial dentistry.

With 20 years of experience in examining and treating patients in the maxillofacial field, our skilled doctors operate with precision, paying close attention to every detail. With their expertise and a track record of successful treatments, they excel in handling challenging and complex cases, ensuring the delivery of perfect, healthy smiles.

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Bác sĩ nha khoa

Icon mũi tênThe experience of service in a 5-star standard dental environment

European-grade dental clinic: luxurious, state-of-the-art. The spacious patient reception area utilizes natural light and glass partitions to create an open and airy ambiance. The waiting area is generously adorned with vibrant greenery, providing customers with a sense of intimacy and relaxation throughout the examination and treatment process. Specialized treatment rooms are designed with separate pathways, ensuring absolute safety for customers.

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Khu vực phòng chờ

Opportunities to experience professional dental services

Our enthusiastic reception team, dedicated advisory and treatment doctors, and customer care team assist with scheduling appointments, post-treatment care, and addressing specific inquiries. Saigon Dental Implant Clinic is ready to provide quick support when customers encounter issues such as loose braces, needing porcelain teeth cleaning, etc.

Tu van
Tư vấn nhiệt tình, chu đáo

Saigon Dental Implant Clinic is located at 470 – 472 Le Hong Phong, Ward 1, District 10. It is conveniently situated near bus stations and bus routes, facilitating easy access for customers residing in Ho Chi Minh City as well as those from neighboring provinces such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An,…

“Saigon Dental Implant Clinic – Reputable, high-quality, and dedicated”

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