Cosmetic braces are a comprehensive solution to address various dental issues such as misaligned teeth, gaps, overbites, and underbites. This method involves the use of archwires, elastic bands, and brackets attached to the teeth or transparent aligner trays to gradually correct misaligned teeth, bringing them into the correct position on the dental arch. This process helps achieve a more even, aesthetically pleasing alignment of teeth and ensures a proper bite alignment.

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Cost of cosmetic braces

The cost of braces may vary depending on various factors, including location, dental professional expertise, orthodontic method, and the complexity of your specific orthodontic issues.
STAGE 1 1.391 USD 695 USD 208 USD 41 USD
STAGE 2 2.173 USD 1.087 USD 326 USD 63 USD
STAGE 3 2.782 USD 1.391 USD 417 USD 81 USD 
STAGE 11.826 USD913 USD274 USD53 USD
STAGE 22.608 USD1.304 USD391 USD76 USD
STAGE 33217 USD1.608 USD482 USD94 USD 
STAGE 11.739 USD1.130 USD339 USD66 USD
STAGE 22.608 USD1.695 USD508 USD99 USD
STAGE 33.478 USD2.260 USD678 USD132 USD 
DEPENDING ON THE LEVEL3.913 – 6.086 USD2.826 – 4.347 USD848 – 1.304 USD 165 – 253 USD
AS PER THE QUANTITY OF TRAYS 4.347 – 6.521 USD3.043 – 5.217 USD

cosmetic braces procedure

Step 1

Visit for examination, X-ray imaging if necessary

Step 2

Take dental impressions, create a treatment plan

Step 3

Proceed with attaching braces

Step 4

Monitor the progress of tooth movement

Step 5

Remove braces, apply a retaining device

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Quy Le
Quy Le
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I was recommended to SG Dental Implant Clinic for braces. The advisory team was attentive, and Dr. Hien personally oversaw the entire orthodontic process. The appointment scheduling was flexible, and receiving follow-up calls to inquire about my dental health after each adjustment brought me a great sense of assurance
Dung Dang
Dung Dang
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I am getting braces at the Dental Implant Clinic in District 10 with the same orthodontist from start to finish. I have a lot of trust in the process
Tu Anh Dang
Tu Anh Dang
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I am currently undergoing braces treatment at the clinic with Dr. Tran. The doctor provides thorough and understandable consultations. The staff is lovely and friendly. On October 20th, the clinic even gave gifts on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day. Thank you very much, Saigon Dental Implant Clinic <3 <3 <3!!!
Thuy Duong Pham
Thuy Duong Pham
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I have been undergoing braces treatment at the dental clinic for 6 months now, and the doctors are very attentive. They schedule check-ups every 1-2 months, ensuring that I don't worry about my teeth shifting or encountering any issues. I am very satisfied with the service
Nguyen Ngoc Hung
Nguyen Ngoc Hung
Read More
Introduced by an acquaintance, I had a great experience using the dental services. The doctors and staff are friendly, providing clear price quotes and taking care of me enthusiastically from the moment I arrive until I leave. I would give them a perfect score of 10!


Yes, braces often come with some pain and pressure, but this is temporary and can usually be managed with pain relievers or your doctor’s instructions.

Braces treatment time can vary depending on the acceptability of the teeth and the specific treatment for each case. Typically, a braces treatment lasts about 18 to 24 months, but can be faster or slower depending on the initial condition and the doctor’s treatment plan.

To properly care for braces, you need:

  • Clean your teeth regularly
  • Limit solid foods
  • Checking daily
  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports
  • Avoid bad habits such as mischief and teeth grinding

Yes, you can eat normally while wearing braces, but you need to limit foods that are too hard and foods that can damage your braces. Follow the instructions and avoid eating habits that pose risks to your treatment.

Braces often cause slight changes in the way you speak in the early stages. You may feel some initial difficulty getting used to your new braces. However, this is usually only temporary and will subside as adaptation occurs.

If you have any difficulty speaking or have problems with your braces, contact us for an adjustment and any questions answered.

Yes, you usually have the ability to change the color of your braces according to your personal preferences. Color options are usually provided by the orthodontist. Discuss your wishes with your doctor and we will strive to make your braces experience enjoyable and reflective of your individuality.