The dental clinic nearby is open, and contact information is available

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Saigon Dental Implant, a leading dental clinic nearby, opens every day, including Sundays. They offer after-hours services without additional fees, making it convenient for dental check-ups and care after school or work hours. In addition, a transparent price list is provided to help patients proactively prepare for costs before visiting the dental clinic

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The dental clinic nearby: Address and information

Saigon Implant Dental – a highly regarded dental clinic in terms of credibility and professionalism in the field of dentistry. It has consistently earned a strong dental brand through customer votes, ranking at the top of reputable dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh City, licensed by the Department of Health.

The specialized clinic for Dentofacial Orthopedics – Sai Gon Implant Dentistry is located at the prominent address 470-472 Le Hong Phong, Ward 1, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Situated in the city center, close to the Ly Thai To roundabout, customers can easily locate and commute using both personal and public transportation.

Nha khoa gần đây mở cửa làm việc
Saigon dental implant

Icon mũi tênContact information:

Nha khoa gần đây mở cửa làm việc
The nearby dental clinic – a leading and reputable dental clinic in ho chi minh city.

Working hours

The nearby dental clinic is open and operational every day of the week. Patient treatments are provided during regular working hours from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with Sunday hours extending from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The clinic also offers after-hours treatments to meet the needs of busy individuals outside regular office hours. Additionally, online dental consultations with renowned experts in dentofacial specialties are available at no cost.

Residents of Ho Chi Minh City can now easily locate a nearby dental clinic that operates every day, including after hours, facilitating dental visits beyond regular working hours. If you are looking for a dental clinic near me that operates outside regular office hours, you can contact Sai Gon Implant Dental.

Customers can proactively schedule appointments at their convenience through the PRIORITY APPOINTMENT booking channel via the hotline at +84.986 438 286 (available on Zalo, Viber).

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Saigon implant dental

Dental Services

Sai Gon Implant Dental – the dental address for everyone, offers a comprehensive range of services from general dental check-ups to highly effective specialized treatments at an extremely reasonable cost. Providing customers with unparalleled experiences that are unique in Vietnam: gentle, safe, and pain-free dental procedures. Prominent services at the dental clinic include:

Dental Implantation

This is a focal service closely associated with the brand of Sai Gon Implant Dental. Pioneering in the successful application of painless dental implant solutions, providing immediate results for customers in Vietnam. Using materials imported from major countries such as the USA, the UK, Germany, France, with certified labels and long-term warranty policies. Dental implantation is a one-time procedure for a lifetime of use.

Trong implant
Before and after images of dental implantation

Dental implantation at Sai Gon Implant Dental is conducted by a team of experts with 20 years of experience, led by Dr. Cang Hong Thai, an honorary member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Dr. Thai specializes in handling challenging cases involving severe bone loss, nerve relocation, and customers with weakened health, who may have been turned away by other dental clinics. Each year, Dr. Thai successfully treats over 2000 customers for tooth loss, providing them with satisfying and aesthetic restorations.

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Porcelain Veneers

Sai Gon Implant Dentistry offers a comprehensive range of premium porcelain veneers, the most popular choice today. With a variety of colors for customers to choose from, the cost starts at only 1.4 million VND. Customers can maintain a bright and beautiful smile for up to 20 years of use.

Boc rang su
Porcelain veneers improve the color of yellowed teeth

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Removable Dentures

This service falls within the mid to moderately priced range, suitable for a diverse range of customers. The acrylic base, made from premium materials, snugly fits the gums, and the dentures resemble natural teeth in color, providing stable support on the jaw.

After having removable dentures installed, 98% of customers experience comfortable chewing, addressing issues such as speech impediments, jaw alignment, and facial wrinkles. The face appears rejuvenated, creating a happier sensation, enabling individuals to enjoy eating according to their preferences without worrying about loose or slippery dentures.

Trong rang gia thao lap 04 1
Removable dental implantation

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Teeth Whitening

Our exclusive dental clinic utilizes painless and non-toxic 4.0 teeth whitening technology, delivering a bright white smile, typically 3 shades lighter, in just 20-45 minutes of chairside whitening. Moreover, customers also receive FREE services such as consultation, X-rays, teeth cleaning, and complimentary at-home whitening trays and whitening gel from the dental clinic.

Rang bi den o mat trong co tay trang duoc hay khong
Teeth whitening

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Sai Gon Implant Dentistry offers modern orthodontic solutions using 4.0 technology to shorten the duration of braces, providing customers with a gentle and safe orthodontic journey with lifelong results. The dental clinic is confident in having the best orthodontic pricing in the market. As one of the first dental clinics to implement a 0% interest installment payment plan for orthodontic treatment in Vietnam, Sai Gon Implant Dentistry aims to make orthodontic care more accessible to all.

Nieng rang mom

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Tooth Filling

The cosmetic tooth filling service at Sai Gon Implant Dentistry achieves a cosmetic and durable result of up to 98%. Customers who undergo tooth filling can confidently eat without worrying about any issues related to the filling coming loose.

Kết quả trám răng cửa bị mẻ
The result of the tooth filling is cracked.

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Tooth Extraction

As part of general dental services, tooth extraction at Sai Gon Implant Dentistry is performed using advanced technology – tooth extraction with the Piezotome ultrasonic machine, highly praised by customers for its gentle, swift, and precise tooth extraction. Importantly, it is painless and minimally uncomfortable during the extraction process. 100% of customers who undergo tooth extraction here acknowledge their satisfaction, alleviating any previous fears or anxieties associated with dental procedures.

Hình ảnh nhổ răng khôn mọc lệch
Wisdom tooth

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Root Canal Treatment

Our dental clinic provides thorough root canal treatment, preserving natural teeth to the maximum extent for customers. The root canal procedure is gentle, cleaning damaged tissues, and ensuring a safe and closed treatment process following health department standards. Customers can leave immediately after root canal treatment without the need to stay for recovery at the dental clinic

Hinh anh truoc sau chua tuy
Root canal treatment

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Scaling and Polishing

Our deep cleaning scaling and polishing service provides bright and beautiful teeth using ultrasonic scaling technology. The process is gentle, taking only 15-20 minutes per session. It is completely painless and does not harm the tooth enamel. The cost of scaling and polishing is extremely affordable, allowing customers to confidently choose this service for regular cleaning every six months

Lay cao rang huyet thanh
Tooth contouring

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Icon mũi tênIn addition, the dental clinic also provides various other quality dental services. Customers can find detailed information about services and prices here.


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Sai Gon Implant Dental brings together a team of dentists with over 20 years of experience in the field, known for their excellence. Serving not only customers in Ho Chi Minh City but also drawing clients from neighboring provinces, some traveling hundreds of kilometers for treatment here.

To schedule a consultation or take advantage of special offers at the dental clinic, customers are encouraged to contact the hotline at +84.986.43.82.86 for dedicated assistance!

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